Dash to the North Pole

About the Experience

Dash to the North Pole on a magical festive sleigh ride for all the family to enjoy. Immerse yourself in 4D virtual reality ride in a safe and exciting environment. Seating up to 8 people, this unique experience offers a perfect family attraction during the festive period! Once aboard, you’ll be seamlessly transported into Dash’s virtual world using our HD VR headsets. Your intrepid journey will soon begin, along with the incredible range of motions our sleigh has to offer; two front fans and surround sound for a fully immersive 4D experience. Tilting forwards, backwards and side to side, the sleigh’s movements have been specially designed to mirror those of the full 360 degree experience, creating a truly festive feast for the eyes!

Once you are on the ride you will be given a freshly cleaned, fully adjustable VR headset/visor. We understand that for younger children etc. this may prove to be too much, so the same content will be played on a screen at the front of the ride. Then, sit back and enjoy the immersive experience as the sleigh moves and the wind blows, bringing the magic of 4D VR.


Tickets are £7.50 per person, £25.00 for a full row of 4 seats and £40.00 for the full sleigh of 8 seats. [Please note, unless you book the full 8 seat ride you may share your booking with other guests]


COVID POLICY: Should any future restrictions or lockdown mean the sessions cannot go ahead, all tickets will be refunded. If individuals are not able to attend due to COVID/Self Isolation, we will not be able to refund tickets or change your booking. If you are not happy to risk the booking so far in advance, it is advised that you hold off. We hope you understand our position on this.

On Arrival

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your slot, follow the event signs to park in the main car park at the rear for ease of access, and follow directions to the ticket office. Staff will allow you to enter when your ride is due to begin. Any late arrivals or no shows cannot be guaranteed a ride as it runs to a tight schedule. Please keep your distance from other groups as they enter/exit the ride.

Ride Safety

The ride and equipment will be fully sanitised for your safety. For any medical conditions that may be affected by flashing or moving images, please request a copy of our health and safety information before booking.

Important Notice

Due to other events/private functions, the Olive Tree Restaurant and other facilities may not be open at the time of your ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the experience be suitable for my child? Dash to the North Pole is an inclusive family experience and would depend entirely on your child and their engagement. While the ride content is most suited to under 12s, that’s not to say the experience isn’t enjoyable for all family members and ages.

My child is under 3 years old, can they still enjoy the experience? Yes, it is suggested that if your child is young, you may seat them on a parental/guardian lap. Our headsets are suitable from age 3 upwards but the content is available on the screen ahead so that younger guests can still enjoy the experience.

Who needs a ticket? Anyone seated on the experience will need a ticket, including under 3s sat on laps.